Anou feté avek SAVEMART… 7 ans déjà

Un anniversaire, ça se fête ! A l’occasion de nos 7 ans, nous tenons à célébrer l’évènement avec un festival de promos dans une ambiance festive.

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About Us

Launched in 2014, SaveMart is now a well-established supermarket in the Mauritian landscape. It has a network of 25 branches located at strategic points around the island.

SaveMart plays the proximity card by concentrating its efforts on customer relations and by offering a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods at a competitive price to satisfy all Mauritians. SaveMart’s monthly promotional campaigns delight its customers and make them systematically come back to enjoy further savings.

SaveMart puts its customers at the heart of its development and perfectly adapt to the ever-changing demand and habits of the Mauritian population.

Our Products

At Savemart we select a variety of products from both local and international suppliers as per existing Laws governed by the Food Safety regulations. Our House Brands are produced by our experienced team under strict condition.

Frozen food

Consumers have recognised frozen food as a healthy option for food storage. Frozen foods have become a regular part of daily diet worldwide accredited to changing lifestyles and increasing lifestyles.

Basic foods

Our basic foods consist of a large variety of international branded groceries to local foods at competitive prices.


We select a complete list of dairy product, milk and other foods made from milk, including butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and condensed and dried milk.


Spices play a significant role in the way we cook and consume food. At Savemart we have a large variety of spices to suit your taste.


Vegetables are filled with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The more you eat of all of them, the better off you are for health. All our supermarkets are equipped to cater for your needs of fresh vegetables.


The Savemart’s beverage section proposes an excellent selection of drinks including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We also have a large selection of fruit and vegetable juices.




Our Supermarkets

24 Supermarchés Pour Mieux Vous Servir

Heures d’ouverture:
Lundi – Samedi: 08 00 – 20 00
Dimanche: 08 00 – 18 00


1. Royal Road, Lallmatie
Tel: (230) 418 9077

2. Royal Road, Mahebourg
Tel: (230) 631 5327

3. 8th Mile Royal Road, Triolet
Tel : (230) 261 3209

4. 44, Palma Street,
Tel: (230) 424 1368

5. Royal Road,
Chemin Grenier
Tel: (230) 689 1585

6. Royal Road,
Trois Boutiques
Tel: (230) 637 7536

7. Royal Road, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge
Tel: (230) 249 0132

8. Montee La Peyre, Nouvelle France
Tel: (230) 677 3669

9. Jhoory Lane, Floreal
Tel: (230) 606 1385

10. Shrimati Indira
Gandhi Street,
Pointe Aux Piments
Tel: (230) 270 0015

11. D’Epiney Street, Curepipe
Tel: (230) 606 3803

12. Route Royale Avenue
Dauphin, Bambous
Tel: (230) 452 0788

13. Raymond Rivet Street
Mont Roches, Beau Bassin
Tel: (230) 465 5298

14. Royal Road Canton Belle
Eau, Pamplemousse
Tel: (230) 243 3150

15. Royal Road,
St Julien D’hotman
Tel: (230) 416 4864

16. Royal Road,
Trou D’eau Douce
Tel: (230) 480 2590

17. Pont- Lardier,
Bel Air Riviere Seche
Tel: (230) 419 3037

18. Royal Road,
Poste De Flacq
Tel: (230) 289 2129

19. Centre Commercial
Martello Royal Road,
Terrassons Pointe aux Sables
Tel: (230) 234 4034

20. Royal Road,
Bon Acceuil
Tel: (230) 418 7746

21. A13 Cassis Road, Cassis
Tel: (230) 212 7669

22. Vip Commercial Center Flacq
Tel: (230) 420 0627

23. Royal Road, Quartier Militaire
Tel: (230) 435 0029

24. Royal Road, Midlands
Tel: (230) 664 6101

25. Royal Road, Surinam
Tel: (230) 625 2508

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Anou feté avek SAVEMART… 7 ans déjà

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